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Audio Video Installation in Carmel Valley

Who doesn’t love enjoying good music, watching a movie, or bingeing a favorite TV show, right? There’s nothing like a great home entertainment experience shared with family and friends.

Speaking of home entertainment experiences, we have the stuff you need to take yours to the next level! One of the top providers of audio video installation in Carmel Valley, we can set you up with a top-of-the-line sound system or home theater.

Our convenient audio video solutions enable access via WiFi smart devices, remotes, and even wall-mounted touch panels. That’s whether you stream your media, access it through your cable or satellite provider, or have it stored on a server. Sound interesting? Read on for even more info on what we can offer you.

Home Theater Installation Services in Carmel Valley

Audiovisual technology is our passion; we know the industry inside and out. From internet streaming to 3D Blu-ray players to video projectors with lampless LED tech, we keep up on the latest trends and equipment. This enables us to create the perfect home theater space to suit your needs and preferences. Rhew Contracting works with Control4, RTI, and Savant for all of your home theater needs.

How Home Media Setup Works

Do you want a simple home theater? Or are you ready to go all out and put the cherry on top of your Carmel Valley smart home? In either case, you can be confident that the Rhew Contracting team will create an enjoyable theater experience for you.

Our expert audiovisual contractors have no problem keeping it simple when needed. You’ll never have to worry about feeling pressured to add extra bells and whistles. Yet, if you want an advanced home theater setup, we can tackle that with ease as well, no matter the complexity.

Selecting Home Theater Speakers

Sound quality is a big deal when it comes to creating an immersive, theater experience in your home. To get the best sound, generally, a combination of freestanding, wall-mounted, and built-in speakers is best. Soundbars are also great for surround-sound. Especially if they are internally-powered and don’t need a separate amplifier or receiver.

Audio video installation in Carmel Valley with home theater installation idea

However, various factors including the shape of your theater room, its size, and flooring dictate the kind of speakers that’ll work best. So we’ll be happy to advise you and help you navigate the selection process successfully.

Why Consider a Home Theater Projector?

Big-screen TV’s can work in a home theater. But you’ve got to admit that a quality projector goes a long way in creating that real theater feel. If that’s the atmosphere you’re looking to create, we can walk you through a huge selection of the best high-definition projectors out there. With prices starting as low as the $1000 range, we can work with almost any budget.

Home Audio Installation Services in Carmel Valley

Just as with home theater equipment, our knowledgeable audiovisual technicians can advise you on the best audio equipment for you. Among the home audio installation options we offer are bookshelf speakers and soundbars, as well as in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Offering home audio products from great companies like Control4, RTI, and Savant.

The in-wall option is popular for two reasons. Not only are they paintable so that they blend in completely with your walls, but they can also include subwoofers. If hidden hardware or extra bass appeal to you, don’t forget to ask about our in-wall speakers!

Our Top-Notch Sound Management System

One of the reasons we’re so sought after for audio video installation in Carmel Valley is the simplicity of our solutions. Take, for example, our versatile music management system. It’s two main features offer an impressive level of control.

You’ll Love Multi-Zone Home Audio

Want to play the same music throughout your whole house? Just in specific rooms? Want to play different songs in different rooms? With this multi-room sound system, you can do it all and keep everyone in your home happy.

What About Multi-Source Home Audio?

The multi-source audio distribution system enables you to listen to more of your music than ever before. You can create playlists of streamed music, CD’s, audiobooks, and even vinyl. All of your favorite audio in one place for easy access anytime. How cool is that?

Contact Rhew Contracting For Your Audio Video Needs

Whether we’re doing an audio video installation in Carmel Valley or elsewhere in San Diego County, one thing never changes. We use only the best equipment. We even work many of the best manufacturers including Sony, Yamaha, and Sonos.

Would you like to explore the options for your new home audio system or home theater? Get in touch and tell us about your home entertainment vision.

Let’s chat about how to make it happen!

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