Audio Video Installation La Jolla

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Audio Video Installation in La Jolla

Rhew Contracting provides audio video installation in La Jolla and surrounding areas. We install nothing less than the finest audio and video equipment. What can that mean for you? Unlimited enjoyable home entertainment experiences for you and your loved ones.

Would you love the convenience of being able to access your favorite movies, TV shows, and music anytime via wall-mounted touch panel, your WiFi smart device or remote? Our simple but powerful audio video solutions will allow you to do just. That’s true whether your media is being streamed, stored on a server, or accessed through your cable or satellite provider.

There’s a reason why we’re a preferred provider of audio video installation in La Jolla!

Our La Jolla Home Audio Installation Services

For all the audiophiles out there, we offer home audio system installation of the highest quality. Our installation technicians are extremely knowledgeable. They’d be happy to advise you on how to create the perfect home audio experience.

We can place powerful in-ceiling and in-wall speakers (with optional sub-woofers included in your speaker system if you’re a fan of extra bass.) Not to mention bookshelf speakers and soundbars. In any case, you can be sure that any speakers we install will be durable and provide great sound quality.

Managing Your Smart Home Sound System

Why install a new audio system in your La Jolla home if it’s hard to use, right? We make music management simple. The system we offer has two core functions and will allow you to access your favorite audio with ease.

Multi-Source Home Audio

The multi-source audio distribution system enables you to listen to more of your music than ever before. You can create playlists of streamed music, CD’s, audio books, and even vinyl.

Multi-Zone Home Audio

Want to play the same music throughout your whole house? Just in specific rooms? Want to play different songs in different rooms? Our music management system can do it all! With this multi-room sound system, you have all the control you could want.

home audio in La Jolla with recessed ceiling speakers
La Jolla audio video installation and home theater by Rhew Contracting

The Best Home Theater Installation Services in La Jolla

Besides home audio system installation, we also offer home theater installation services in La Jolla. We keep up on the latest advancements in audiovisual tech so that we can offer you the best system at your price point.

Whether you’re interested in internet streaming, 3D Blu-ray players, or video projectors with lampless LED technology, we provide the best in home entertainment.

Home Media Setup: What to Expect

Our experienced audiovisual contractors here at Rhew Contracting can tackle even the most advanced home theater installations. We work tirelessly to create immersive cinema experiences that our customers can enjoy anytime in the comfort of their homes.

Home Theater Speakers

A combination of freestanding, wall-mounted, and built-in speakers generally produces the best sound. However, soundbars can also be a great choice for surround-sound, especially since many are powered internally. (This means that they do not require a separate amplifier or receiver.)

We’ll be happy to advise you on the speaker system that will be best for your home theater space.

Home Theater Projectors

In comparison to televisions, the advantage of projectors is that they’ll allow you to view screen images across a much wider area. This can enhance the real theater feel that many La Jolla homeowners like yourself are looking for.

We can recommend and install a range of high-definition projectors starting from an affordable price to top of the line.

Need Audio Video Installation in La Jolla?

Our home entertainment systems are the best in the area. This is, in part, because we work with many of the best manufacturers including Sony, Yamaha, and Sonos to name a few. Whether you’re interested in a top-notch sound system, an impressive home theater setup or both, our specialists can help.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We’d love to know what you’re looking for in a home audio system and/or your ideas for your home theater.

Rhew Consulting For Your Audio Video Needs

Many in the La Jolla area are already enjoying the extraordinary convenience afforded by our top-quality home audio video solutions. Will you be next?