Audio Video Installation Rancho Santa Fe

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Audio Video Installation Rancho Santa Fe

Out of all the companies that offer audio video installation in Rancho Santa Fe, why is Rhew Contracting a local favorite? For one thing, we’re known for installing only the best audio video equipment. After all, it’s our goal to create the very best home entertainment experiences.

For another, our powerful audio video solutions offer an astounding level of convenience. How would you like to access your favorite movies, TV shows, and music at the touch of a button? Our wall-mounted touch panels and universal remotes make it possible. We can even set you up for easy access through your WiFi smart device.

When you need audio video installation in Rancho Santa Fe, there’s no one better to call on!

Exceptional Home Theater Installation Services

There’s no doubt about it. Home theaters make cool additions to Rancho Santa Fe homes. When you have one, your house is the place to be. And who doesn’t love bringing friends and family together for fun times and great memories?
If you’re considering setting up your first home theater or upgrading your existing one, you’re going to love the options we offer. From internet streaming to 3D Blu-ray DVD players to video projectors with lamp-less LED tech, we keep up on the latest advancements in the industry. Just about anything you’re interested in, we can offer!

The Home Media Setup Process

From simple jobs to complex home theater installations, our experienced audiovisual technicians can help you. Curious about how we create immersive cinema experiences that you can enjoy anytime at home?

Home Theater Speakers

Generally, we recommend a mix of freestanding, wall-mounted, and built-in speakers for the best sound. Yet, soundbars can work well also for surround sound. (Many soundbars are powered internally. This means they don’t need additional amplifiers or receivers, which is a plus.)

We’ll be happy to recommend the best speakers for your space. We’re always sure to take into account the shape of your room, the flooring, your preferences, and so on.

home theater installation in Rancho Santa Fe with audio video project

Home Theater Projectors

Of course, the sound isn’t the only thing you’ve got to get right. You also want a great visual experience.

That can be created with a quality video projector. Projectors can create the true theater experience, especially compared to often smaller televisions.

We can recommend quality, high-definition projectors for as little as $1000 up to the top of the line options. Of course, we can handle the installation as well to get your home theater up and running.

home audio installation in Rancho Santa Fe

Home Audio Installation in Rancho Santa Fe

In addition to home theater installation services, we also offer home audio system installation.

Our powerful in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are the stuff audiophiles dream of. Always durable, always top-notch quality, and always discreet so as not to distract from your decor. Plus, sub-woofers can be added to your speaker system for an extra dose of bass.

We also offer bookshelf speakers and soundbars.

Managing Your Home Sound System

We believe home audio systems should be a breeze to use. What’s the point of a top-of-the-line, modern system if it’s too complicated to enjoy fully?

To make music management as simple as possible, we provide an easy-to-use system with two main functions.

Multi-Source Home Audio

Whether you’re into streaming music, are a vinyl lover, or are still hanging onto your CD collection, this system will work for you. You can even add audio books to your playlists!

Multi-Zone Home Audio

Not only can you create epic multi-source playlists, but you can also control where they’re played. We offer multi-room sound systems.

In other words, you can play the same audio throughout your Rancho Santa Fe home or just in certain rooms. Even cooler, you can play different audio in different zones of your home so that everyone’s happy!

Need Audio Video Installation in Rancho Santa Fe?

We work with many of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry including Sony, Sonos, and Yamaha. Our extensive knowledge of the best equipment available, as well as our skillful installation technicians, make Rhew Contracting an excellent choice for audio video solutions.

Are you looking for a quality sound system, an impressive home theater, or both? Our specialists can get you the outcome you want.

Your Rancho Santa Fe Audio Video Specialists

Want the most impressive home entertainment system on the block? We’ll give it to you!