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Home Theater Installation For San Diego Residents

The thrill of an immersive movie-watching event in your own San Diego home is possible with the creation of a custom home theater. Rhew Contracting utilizes precise engineering to ensure the ultimate in viewing and sound. Numerous factors come together to provide a phenomenal room with your home theater ideas in mind. Meticulous attention to technical details makes the difference in quality home theater systems installed by experts at Rhew Contracting.

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Home Theater Rooms

The inviting comfort of your home theater room must draw you in before experiencing its technical triumphs. There should be flexibility in the room’s design to allow for multi-tasking. When basic principles of home theater design are adopted, your dedicated theater room can be as oft-used as any other areas in your house. For the room to be endearingly engaging, get the largest high-quality high-definition screen and the best possible audio that can be afforded on your budget.
Rhew Contracting specializes in getting top-of-the-line systems for the best value on the market. We keep up with the latest improvements in technology, to ensure that our customers aren’t missing out on the best available audio/visual equipment at various price points for watching movies and experiencing engaging video games. Current trends include televisions and Blu-ray DVD players with 3-D capability; the use of video projectors with lamp-less LED technology, Internet streaming, and accessibility to mobile devices.
Various details about the room and its shape, construction, acoustics, flooring, and color are taken into consideration when designing the ideal home theater.

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Room Shape For Your Best Experience

A square room shape is best to avoid because of inharmonious distortions of sound that are usually produced. If you have the option, choose a rectangular room and place the screen and main speakers on a short wall to enjoy optimal sound projection and acoustics.


For muffling outside noise, please note that it is not necessary to use egg cartons stapled to the walls. A decent surface to work with is typical drywall. Drapes or furniture should be used to break up sizable flat surfaces, however. When you choose framed art for the walls, be sure to leave off the glass because it reflects sound as well as light. If the walls are concrete block or concrete, it’s best to have studs and drywall installed before installation.

A low-budget option for walls is to add carpet tiles. Sound absorption panels are more expensive but help to improve acoustics by preventing echoes and modulating high and low sound frequencies.

Wall Color

Use flat paint or eggshell paint in as dark a color as you are willing to choose for your home theater. This will help achieve superior picture quality because bright colors create distracting reflective light when the screen displays a bright scene.


The best wall-to-wall flooring for home theater rooms is carpeting with a cushy pad underneath. The carpet will absorb ambient sound and elevate the room’s comfort level.

Windows / Motorized Window Treatments

A room with no windows is the ideal for a home theater. Windows can detract from the home theater experience because they cause audio distortion and allow light in that can create a glare on your viewing surface. Installing heavy shades and blackout-style curtains is helpful. Your window treatments will seal out light most effectively if they track tightly against window jambs. Motorized window treatments can add to the home theater experience as you seal out light at the touch of a button.

Home Media Setup

Only experienced audio-visual contractors such as the professional teams at Rhew Contracting should handle the advanced home media setup for your home theater. Essential Internet-enabled devices for your home theater and video gaming room include a high-def television; gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox 360; receivers, and speakers.

Home Theater Speakers

The varied options in speakers are mind-boggling, but you can entrust your choice to the experts at Rhew Contracting. They know about the quality and durability of the various brands. Soundbars are among your choices, some of which don’t require a separate amplifier or receiver because they are powered internally. Soundbars recreate the surround-sound experience with as many as 40 individual speakers slightly angled to project sound around a room.

For the best sound, freestanding speakers are generally the best, followed by wall-mounted speakers and built-in speakers. When space is limited in your home theater, an option is to use ceiling speakers, though, in general, ceiling speakers are not recommended.

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Home Theater Projectors

Using a projector means that the screen images can be displayed across a diagonal measure of 70 inches to 200 inches. It also means that a darkened room is a crucial consideration since stray light causes a washed-out effect on projected screens. High-def projectors are available from $1,000 on the low end to as much as $10,000 or more.

Lighting Control

Ambient lighting is reduced in a home theater to avoid glare. If you have automated lighting controls in your home, one of the selections for lighting is “movie viewing.” You know your home theater is a superior experience when the movie is paused and lights brought up gently at the touch of a button when a bathroom break is needed.

Contact Rhew Contracting to Discuss Your Ideas

Your theater system can be as basic or elaborate and sublime as you desire. The possibilities are astounding, from advanced surround sound technologies to 4k streaming and more. Any family that loves going to the movies together can even save money over time by avoiding the very high combined costs of movie tickets, drinks, popcorn and other snacks. Contact us at Rhew Contracting to enjoy the best experience possible.

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