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Rhew Contracting offers San Diego homeowners the ability to control their audio, video, internet, Wi-Fi and home security with a single device. Advanced technology now allows people to control music and video components located both inside and outside the home from anywhere in the home. Enhance the family’s movie watching experience with a home theater system customized to personal preferences.

Integrated Home Entertainment and Security Systems

Integrating home entertainment systems with a surveillance system allows San Diego County homeowners to monitor and access entertainment and security features in any room of the house. With unique customized audio/video systems, homeowners control multiple entertainment systems with a touch of a button. Users can pause and play music, pause television programs in one room and resume watching in another room, and remotely access cameras inside and outside the home. Integrated home entertainment and security cameras operate in tandem with smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, androids, tablets, home computers, portable keypads and wall mounted keypads to allow complete home security control and monitoring from anywhere.

Home Networking Your High-Speed Internet And WiFi Connectivity

Integrated networking provides reliable wireless or hardwired internet access for every room in the home. This allows for fast and efficient data transfer, such as increased downloading and uploading speeds. Networking also greatly reduces buffering during live streaming of audio and video options. Rhew Contracting helps homeowners create a seamless high-speed internet experience throughout the home with wireless and in-wall, hardwired networking tools. Instead of an overwhelming array of complex controllers and homeowners will enjoy a fully automated and seamless internet experience that drifts from room to room.

Sophisticated Home Theater Systems

Handheld controllers and wall mounted touchpanels can be used to access MP3s, satellite radio, audio and video files simultaneously throughout the home. Family members can choose to enjoy the same music or opt for an individual video or audio outlet for their specific area of the home. Home theaters reach a new level when coupled with networking and create excellent HD, 3D, and 4D video experiences on all devices in every room. A customized home theater system brings the movie theater experience to any San Diego County home. Family members can easily adjust video, audio, and lighting features to set the perfect mood.

Rhew Contracting offers individualized home theater or media room solutions that are integrated with smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, androids, tablets, and home computers. Systems can also be configured to operate with factory portable remotes, portable keypads, and wall mounted keypads. Depending on the needs of an individual home, there are several control system options to choose from.

RTI Panel Application for your personal mobile device

The Rhew Contracting RTI control system is a simple way for families to operate home theater systems with easy one-touch control options. Audio, video, and lighting systems are integrated into one comprehensive application. The RTI application can be fully customized based on the technology and electronic devices that homeowners use most and can be controlled with handheld controllers, touch panels, smartphones, and other electronic mobile devices. Secure local or remote access with Wi-Fi LAN control and remote WAN control are also available with an RTI panel application.

SURFiR Companion Remote Control

San Diego County homeowners can also choose the SURFiR companion remote option for their customized home theater systems. This unique solution allows users to incorporate their Apple or android devices as the focal graphic interface for the home entertainment control system. SURFiR provides other benefits for users, such as checking email, accessing RSS feeds, and social media using their smartphones and other electronic mobile devices.

Virtual Panel Application

The Virtual Panel application provides the same intuitive control experience as the RTI remote controls on desktops and laptops that are powered by Microsoft Windows applications. This provides secure local or remote access to an RTI system from any internet connection, and the Virtual Panel allows for both Wi-Fi LAN control and remote WAN control. With the fully customizable RTI’s Integration Designer® programming software, the Virtual Panel interface can accommodate any size laptop or monitor display.

The Finishing Touches For Your Integrated Home Theater

Rhew Contracting helps San Diego residents create the perfect home theater system, but also offers a number of other essential services. A fully integrated home means that users can adjust thermostat settings, monitor home security systems, program automatic lighting, and control a host of audio visual equipment from within the home or from remote locations. State of the art wireless interfaces are just the beginning of the upgrades our professional technicians can recommend for homeowners. Contact us today to learn more about control processors, audio distribution systems, amplifiers, iPod docking stations and many other audio visual accessories.

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