At Rhew Contracting, we offer end-to-end solutions for all of your San Diego Automation needs. From troubleshooting Lutron Automation problems in your home or office to installing a brand new Automation system in your commercial building, our team of Automation experts can find or create custom solutions to meet your needs.

Residential Automation

Residential San Diego Lutron automation company

Residential Energy Savings

Energy-efficient lighting is a smart solution for your San Diego residential property. Not only does it improve the value of your home, it also translates into major savings on your monthly energy bills. To maximize your savings, we suggest exploring our whole-home light control systems. These systems work with the most energy-efficient light sources, such as LED lighting.

Easy Integration & Connectivity

Home Automation sounds complex, but we make it easy to use and understand. The entire process relies on secure, seamless communication between our system components and Lutron RF products. All Lutron RF products and systems operate on a quiet frequency band that is able to avoid interference, even if your neighbor has the exact same system a hundred feet away! Lutron products also work with numerous third-party manufacturers, so you can easily integrate your Home Automation system with other remotes.

Energy-Saving Shading Solutions

Lutron products offer a wide range of capabilities that can save you additional money during San Diego’s hot summers. For example, Lutron’s shading systems can be controlled with keypads, IR remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, or even set to an astronomic time clock that automatically adjusts the shades based on the time of day.

Residential Smart Grid Solutions

Every member of the Rhew Contracting team is passionate about the Lutron Residential Smart Grid Solutions. Why? Because these incredibly useful devices allow homeowners to preset preferences that will automatically increase the thermostat to a cooling set point, lower sun-facing shades, dim certain lights, or switch off unused appliances.

Automated Entertainment and Surveillance Systems

Rhew Contracting gives San Diego homeowners the ability to control their audio, video, internet, Wi-Fi and home security with a single device. Control music and video components both inside and outside the home from anywhere in the home. Enhance your families movie watching experience with a home theater system customized to your personal preferences.

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Commercial Automation

Commercial Lutron automation contractor San Diego

Commercial Light Control Savings

Commercial buildings can consume a large amount of electricity in a short period of time. That’s why Lutron’s energy efficient lighting solutions can dramatically cut your commercial lighting costs. Installing sensors that are integrated with dimmers can curb operating costs and help you gain more control over your HVAC energy costs, too!

Cut Commercial Energy Use With Commercial Light Controls

Did you know that there are a wide variety of Lutron solutions, such as the GRAFIK Eye® QS, that can control fluorescent lighting? Rhew Contracting can easily install systems and controls, including Lutron digital addressable ballasts, occupancy/vacancy sensors, time clocks, daylight sensors, automated shades, and more!

Integrated Whole-Building Lighting Solutions

During San Diego’s peak energy demand, Lutron systems, such as Quantum and EcoSystem®, allow you to shed a percentage of lighting output to save energy and receive reduced electricity rates and rebates from your San Diego utility company. Dimming the lights at your commercial property can also help you reduce the amount of energy that your cooling system requires, which can result in HVAC energy savings, too!

Commercial Light Control Solutions

Rhew Contracting only works with commercial lighting solutions that can be easily integrated with third party controls. Whether you need a touch screen and A/V equipment in your conference room, patient controls in your hospital, or building management systems, Lutron’s reliable options will meet all of your needs. In fact, Clear Connect has been deployed in Lutron’s next-generation RF systems, including Maestro Wireless®, Radio Powr Savr® sensors, GRAFIK Eye® QS, and Sivoia® QS Wireless.

Automation isn’t just convenient, it’s energy efficient and it offers a number of safety benefits. Whether you are in the market for a brand new home automation system for your commercial property or you’re ready to make life easier with a whole-home automation system for your residential property, Rhew Contracting can get the job done right.

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