Industrial and commercial Lutron automation
Whether you’re a small retail location or a large hotel and casino in the San Diego County area, we offer the commercial automation service you’re looking for. How do we know? That’s easy; because we do it all! Go ahead and take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

Get Energy Savings with Automation

Our Lutron light dimmers and shading options like the GRAFIK Eye® QS are eco-friendly, reduce energy consumption, and provide the highest return on investment for your San Diego commercial property. What do you get with Lutron shading and lighting solutions? The perfect amount of light! Lutron shading solutions will save you energy and money, all while automatically optimizing light and providing increased productivity and comfort.

You don’t have to compromise on design. Rhew Contracting offer a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and styles of wall plates, dimmers, automated window treatments, and controls so you can ensure that your lighting complements your overall decor.

From Single Room to Whole Building Automation Solutions

The Lutron single room automation LCP128 allows you to program lighting and shading in a single conference room, office or even an auditorium. You can choose single light manual controls such as dimmer switches, single room automated controls which allows whole rooms to be controlled at one time or all in one automated daylight controls.

Rhew Contracting mixes functionality with beauty, offering San Diego energy efficient whole building solutions. Reduce solar heat and glare from windows using automated daylight control. Decrease heating and cooling costs automatically by integrating a centralized control with pre-programmed scheduling with the Quantum. Plus, by selecting an energy-saving lighting solution, you may even qualify for federal and state rebates!

Smart Grid Solutions with Integration and Connectivity

We can integrate our automation with all other Lutron product platforms and many third party products and systems.

The smart grid options offer you the chance to receive financial incentives by consuming less energy during certain times of the day.The best part? Lutron Smart Grid Solutions are programmed with software that reduces electricity gradually without occupants realizing it. In particular, the Quantum System smart grid is able to receive signals from the utility company and make lighting adjustments slowly.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got the solution. Don’t wait! Contact Rhew Contracting today to discuss your San Diego commercial automation needs.

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Get Automated!

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