Control4 Home Theater Installation

  • San Diego home theater installation with Control4 by Rhew Contracting

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Designing Your San Diego Home Theater Room

You don’t want the average home media setup. You want a home theater space that’s just as customized and personal to you as your home itself. To that end, consider a few ways you can customize your San Diego home theater.

Choose From Control4’s Selection of Projectors and Screens

Flat-screen TV’s are one thing; projectors and screens are another. If you’re aiming for that authentic, immersive real cinema feel, you’ll be interested in the latter.

Through Control4, we offer a range of projectors and screens to cater to your preferences, complement your home media room, and accommodate your budget. Regardless of the options you select, though, you can have confidence that the visual equipment installed in your home is top quality and will serve you well in the coming years.

Mix & Match Home Theater Speakers

Aside from visuals, there’s something else that you can’t afford to get wrong—sound quality. What a shame it would be to find that your speakers and/or speaker setup produce low sound quality. That would only put a damper on your home audio entertainment experiences!

However, you’ll find no such thing if you choose us to handle your Control4 home theater installation. All of the speakers we install, regardless of their type, are top-notch.

Plus, we can help you choose the right combination of speakers to get the best sound quality. Such a setup might include soundbars, subwoofers, freestanding speakers, and built-in or wall-mounted speakers. In any case, you’ll love Control4 surround sound!

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Bring it Home With Lighting Control

Once you have the projector, screen, and speakers picked, it’s time to consider lighting control. One of Control4’s many smart home automation solutions, the automated lighting control system we offer is both convenient and classy. With just the touch of a button, you can gently dim or raise the lights to set the perfect mood for your entertainment.

And with the various versatile Control4 controller options, you won’t even need a separate remote to manage your lighting and media. You can keep it simple with one fully-integrated system.

Superior Home Entertainment Setup Services

While we offer a wide range of options through Control4, designing your San Diego home theater is not solely a matter of preference or even of budget. There’s also the matter of balance, which is essential for a successful home theater setup.

Many factors including the shape and size of the room, its flooring, and even the color of your walls can have an impact on the functionality, vibe, and comfort level of your home media room. Therefore, considering all of those elements is a must before making your final selections and moving ahead with home theater installation.

But what if you don’t personally understand the impact such factors will have on the outcome of your project? Will you be left on your own to make the decision and risk choosing wrong? Certainly not! We have years of experience creating custom home entertainment systems and advising San Diego-based customers on what it will take to create the best home entertainment experiences. You can expect our full support and guidance every step of the way.

Proud to Offer Control4 Home Theater Solutions

When it comes to home automation and home theater systems specifically, Control4’s solutions are among the best available.

In addition to a flexible lighting control system capable of reacting to your home theater, you can enjoy smart entertainment. For example, when distractions arise, your movies, games, and TV shows pause automatically so you don’t miss a thing.

And we can’t forget to mention the state-of-the-art universal remote control, which makes using your home entertainment system a breeze and a joy. We can configure your remote control according to your personal preferences and the home entertainment and automation solutions you choose.

We Install the Best Home Theater Systems

Our audio and video experts are always glad to share their knowledge, walk you through the many options available and, ultimately, to help you create the home movie theater of your dreams!

If you need professional home theater setup in San Diego, we’re the ones to call! From evaluating your media room design to helping you choose the right theater speakers or even the right projection screen, we’re here for you. Contact us today for more information on our Control4 home theater installation services!