Control4 Smart Lighting Installation

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Control4 Smart Lighting Installation in San Diego

As specialists in home automation, Rhew Contracting partners with one of the best solutions providers in the industry—Control4. Among other smart home solutions, this industry giant offers a top-of-the-line, fully customizable, incredibly flexible smart lighting system.

Not only do we highly recommend it to anyone looking to simplify and improve their home life but we also tackle the installation of this system. In fact, our many satisfied clients will tell you that we offer the best Control4 smart lighting installation service in San Diego, CA. Why? Because of our unwavering dedication to helping our clients customize their lighting systems and get the most benefit out of them.

4 Benefits of a Control4 Smart Lighting System

A flexible lighting control system can enhance your life in many ways. Consider some of the benefits you could enjoy if you choose to invest in a smart lighting system.

More Security

An excellent addition to your home security system, the Control4 smart lighting system offers a Mockupancy feature that comes in handy when you’re away from home. You can program your system to turn lights on and off randomly to simulate occupancy and deter suspicious activity.
You can even set your interior and exterior lights to flash when an alarm is set off by unusual activity or unauthorized access, attracting the attention of passersby, neighbors, and the authorities.


No more walking from room to room to turn individual light switches on or off. No more stumbling and stubbed toes on the way to the restroom or kitchen at night. And no more struggling to flip switches when your arms are full, such as when returning home from the store.

With the touch of a button or even a voice command, you can control several lights at once. You even automatically light your way through your home in the middle of the night or set lights to turn on automatically at the time you’re due to arrive home. That’s as convenient as it gets!

Reduced Energy Usage

Another great benefit of Control4’s smart lighting system is that it can save energy. How many times have you left lights on endlessly in rooms you weren’t in because you didn’t feel like going to turn them off? How many times have you left lights on for hours because you were in a rush to leave the house?

With this lighting system, you can control your lights from wherever you are, whether it be a different room or even away from home entirely (via your smartphone or tablet).

The Perfect Mood For Any Occasion

Good lighting doesn’t always mean bright lighting. Sometimes, you may want to set a different mood such as at an anniversary dinner or during movie night. That’s where Control4’s dimmer comes in so you can get the vibe in your home just right.

You can also achieve the perfect mood and look on the exterior of your San Diego home with yard lighting, deck lighting, and lighting for water features such as pools and fountains.

The Ultimate Lighting Control Within Your San Diego Home

As you can see, there’s a ton of room for you to adjust your smart lighting system according to your needs and preferences. And we didn’t mention that you can also customize the look of your system, choosing custom button configurations and colors to match the style of your house.

But there’s more! In addition to making it simpler than ever to control artificial lighting, we also provide options for natural light, including automated shades that can be programmed to raise and lower on a schedule of your choice.

Why Choose Our San Diego Control4 Smart Lighting Installation Service?

We are expert installers of Control4’s smart lighting systems and, as we said before, our primary goal is to help you get the most out of your system (and any other smart home solutions you choose).

We work with a range of budgets, set up various configurations with expert precision, help you select beautiful finishes, and more. Plus, we work on projects of all sizes. So if you want to start with just a room or two, we will provide the same level of service that we would if you wanted to go all out and upgrade your whole home with a smart lighting system.

Check out all of what a Control4 lighting installation can offer for your San Diego smart home.

Control4 installation in San diego gives you complete control of your homes lighting
Change your lighting andmood with Control4 smart lighting control in San diego

Have questions or want more information about Control4 smart lighting installation? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to walk you through the system’s features and the options available to you in more detail!