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A Top Provider of Home Audio in Carmel Valley

Here at Rhew Contracting, we specialize in the installation of customizable smart home solutions, including home theater sound systems and home speaker systems in general. In fact, we’re dedicated to providing the best home audio systems possible, partnering with only the industry’s finest home audio brands.

In other words, when you need expert help with home audio in Carmel Valley, we’re the company you want on your side! Let us tell you a little bit about what we can do for you.

How We Create the Best Home Audio Systems

Whether alone or with family and friends, home entertainment is supposed to be enjoyable. Listening to music and other audio shouldn’t be a difficult, frustrating experience but let’s face it. Muffled or crackly audio can make it into both.

And, no doubt, you’d like to get your money’s worth when investing in a home speaker system so crisp, clear audio is a must. To get that flawless sound quality—the kind that completely immerses you in a sound, an experience, a moment—we prioritize a few things.

As mentioned, we partner with leaders in the industry such as Bose, Sony, and Pioneer to offer and install the highest quality and most durable audio equipment. But beyond that, we also consider the many factors that impact sound quality including the size and shape of a room, the flooring, the placement of speakers, and more. By doing this, we’re able to recommend the best mix of equipment to achieve the best outcomes.

Speaking of equipment we recommend, we offer quite a selection. It includes everything from soundbars and subwoofers to in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, some of which are paintable so as not to distract from your home’s decor. We even offer all-weather speakers for the outdoors, which are great if you’re planning on doing backyard entertaining. We’ll gladly walk you through the options that would make the most sense for your home and preferences.

Home audio solutions Carmel Valley with design and installation by Rhew Contracting

Multi-Zone and Multi-Source Home Audio Systems In Carmel Valley

What makes the best home audio systems money can buy here in San Diego County? Just like the rest of our solutions, our home audio systems are high-tech. How so? They’re both multi-source and multi-zone, removing limits on how and where you can enjoy your favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Multi-Source Home Audio For More Options

Most likely, not all of your audio comes from a single source. It can be inconvenient to constantly have to switch between audiobooks, CDs, vinyl, and streamed music from services such as Pandora and Spotify.

Now, you can avoid that inconvenience altogether since our systems make it possible to create playlists from multiple sources. No more switching back and forth!

Multi-Zone Home Audio For Increased Control

Want to play your audio in several rooms at once or even in every room at once? Alternatively, do you want to be able to play different audio in different rooms within your home?

With our system, you can do it all. And it takes no more than the click of a button or few taps on your mobile device of choice! Of course, you can always keep it simple as well and enjoy your audio in just one room. Home speaker systems just don’t get more flexible than this!

An Extra Perk of Our Home Audio Installation Services

Besides top-notch quality and flexibility, there’s an additional perk of choosing Rhew Contracting for your Carmel Valley home audio installation needs. You get to choose from a range of incredibly simple options for controlling your home theater speaker system or larger home speaker system. They include:

  • In-wall and tabletop touch screens for a high-tech, high-end feel

  • Wired and wireless keypads, which allow you to select favorite stations, pause, skip and adjust volume with just a few taps

  • Handheld remotes that can also be programmed to control your TV, lighting, and more

  • Smartphones and tablets for portable control no matter where you are in your home

  • Voice control, which makes it possible to enjoy your favorite audio with no hassle via verbal commands

Just pick your preferred controller and we can program it to give you easy access to your favorite commands anytime.

The Smart Choice For Smart Home Audio in Carmel Valley

Whether you’re in the market for an impressive home theater sound system, a whole-home speaker setup or a booming surround sound system, we’re ready to help you. We look forward to hearing about your needs. And don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions about the home audio installation process! Ask us about our Control4 multi room audio solutions.