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Smart Home Automation in 4S Ranch

To transform your 4S Ranch home into a smart home, you need a reputable contractor. Not only to help you select the best home automation solutions and smart home devices but also to set them up. That’s where the Rhew Contracting team comes in. We specialize in smart home automation in 4S Ranch!

With our flexible solutions, you can automate as little or as much of your home life as you want. Take a look at a handful of the options we offer.

Lighting Control Systems For 4S Ranch

From energy-efficiency to the convenience of mood lighting, a lighting control system has several advantages.

For example, you can switch several lights on or off simultaneously, which is a convenient time-saver. Also, with Control4’s Mockupancy feature, you can program your smart lighting system to turn lights on and off at intervals to simulate occupancy. This can reduce the risk of suspicious activity around your home when you’re away for extended periods. But this is not all.

Home Owners can light your way to the bathroom or kitchen at night, program your lights to turn on automatically as you arrive home in the evening, and more. Ask us about Control4’s and Lutron lighting control systems!

4S Ranch lighting control installation with Lutron and Control4

Home Automation Options For Window Treatments And Motorized Shades

Modern lighting control options aren’t limited to artificial light, though. With our range of Lutron window shades, you can control natural light as well, even raising or lowering your shades automatically at certain times of day.

Our window treatments make it possible to turn blinding glares into soft lighting, create more privacy within your home, save energy, and protect your furniture and artwork from sun damage.

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of window treatments from Lutron, a leader in shading solutions. Whether you prefer Roman shades, roller shades or another variety, we have an option that will work for you and match the style and decor of your home. Additionally, if you go with Lutron’s motorized window shades, you can also select the controls that work best for you. You can choose from wall stations, remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, and more!

4S Ranch motorized shades and window treatment ideas

4S Ranch Smart Home Security Systems

A smart home security system is one of the best ways to keep yourself, your family, and your possessions safe and secure.

With our top-notch home security solutions from Control4, you can access your smart home security cameras from anywhere via your phone or tablet. And besides manually checking out the activity in and around your home, you can choose to receive notifications and alerts. You’ll never be out of the loop and, more importantly, you’ll be able to react quickly based on what you see.

This includes alerting authorities if necessary and communicating via the integrated intercom system. You can even let friends, family members, or service providers into your home remotely.

4S Ranch home automation that includes home security installation

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Quality outdoor entertainment systems are tough to come by. More is involved than simply placing a regular TV and speakers outside. Why?

One reason is that audiovisual equipment intended for the indoors may not perform as well outside. For example, the glare of the sun could easily make your outdoor TV viewing experience frustrating. And two, your average TV and speakers are often not durable enough to withstand the elements.

This is the importance of selecting audiovisual equipment that can handle everything the outdoors will throw at them. We can help you select that kind of equipment and get it set up to ensure the best possible outdoor entertainment experience.

Offering a range of all-weather TV’s and all-weather audio equipment from the best brands in the industry. From underwater pool speakers to camouflage rock speakers to subwoofers and beyond, Rhew Contracting has just about anything you could want for your backyard entertainment system!

4S Ranch outdoor entertainment installation for your home automation needs

Smart Home Networking Services For 4S Ranch Homes

High-speed technology places great demands on home networks. This is especially true the more you choose to automate your home life. So whenever we implement smart home automation solutions, we also ensure that our client’s networks can keep up and consistently perform at their best. We will be happy to do this for you too!

In addition, we’ll ensure that you have sufficient data storage. That way, nothing can stop you from enjoying your smart home to the max, including all of your favorite media.

The Best Choice For Smart Home Automation in 4S Ranch

As our many happy clients in the area and throughout the county will tell you, there’s no better alternative for smart home automation in 4S Ranch. Whether you want to go all out with automation or just implement a few solutions to make life simpler, Rhew Contracting has got you covered. Let’s chat about your vision for your smart home today!

We are leaders in Control4 home automation, Lutron lighting control and motorized window treatments.