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Smart Home Automation in Carmel Valley

The benefits of home automation are numerous. They can provide added security and peace of mind, as well as simplify various aspects of daily living. Too, they can add a touch of luxury and class to your home.

Do these benefits appeal to you? If so, you’ll be interested in our services. As specialists in smart home automation in Carmel Valley, we offer the best of the best in terms of tech and the overall quality of our home automation solutions. Check out 5 such solutions to see what we mean.

A Specialist in Carmel Valley Window Treatments

Window treatments serve many purposes. For example, letting natural light flood in through your windows can cut down on your energy usage, which is a positive. However, it can also create unpleasant glares, allow people to see into your home, and leave your furniture and artwork susceptible to sun damage over time.

To prevent these issues, we often recommend and install window shades for our clients, which give greater control over natural light. They protect against UV damage, create soft lighting, and afford homeowners more privacy.

Additionally, our motorized Lutron window treatments enable you to program your shades. Whether you choose roller shades, tensioned shades, horizontal sheer blinds, or another option, you can program them according to your preferences. For example, you can set your shades to let in light during the daytime and automatically close in the evening.

We’d be glad to discuss the window treatments that would be best for your Carmel Valley home!

Carmel Valley motorized window treatment ideas for homeowners

Incredibly Flexible Lighting Control Systems

Besides window shades for more control over natural light, we also offer flexible lighting control systems that afford the same control over artificial light. Why consider a lighting control system for your home?

Dimming the lights can go a long way in setting the mood for special occasions such as anniversaries or while enjoying a movie in your home theater room. Yet, when you need full-on lighting, you can easily and quickly adjust.

Beyond this, there’s so much more you can do with the lighting control systems we offer. Want the lights to come on automatically at the time you’re due to arrive home in the evenings? Prefer to turn off all lights in your home at once instead of flipping individual switches? You can do that and more!

We can solve all of your lighting control needs utilizing Control4 and Lutron lighting control systems.

Home automation in carmel Valley with Lutron lighting control ideas

Smart Home Security Systems

One of our most popular Carmel Valley home automation services is home security. It’s not hard to understand why. Like your neighbors, no doubt, you care about keeping yourself, your family, and your possessions protected. Our smart home security systems are designed to do just that.

Using your phone or tablet, you can access your smart home security cameras anywhere and anytime to keep tabs on your home. You can also receive tailored notifications and alerts when movement is detected near your home.

From checking your locks to communicating via intercom to allowing access to your home remotely, our smart home security systems provide the peace of mind you want and need. And being from Control4, these systems are among the best in the industry. Will one of them be yours?

Carmel Valley home security system installation ideas for your home automation needs

Carmel Valley Home Automation That Includes Outdoor Entertainment

Whether you want to enjoy some solo relaxation or a get-together with family or friends, we can provide a backyard entertainment system worth getting excited about.

Unlike your average TV’s and speakers, we provide audiovisual solutions designed to perform well outside. For example, we offer underwater pool speakers, powerful subwoofers, and all-weather TV’s. Besides excellent functionality, though, we also offer options to fit the feel of your backyard or outdoor space such as camouflage rock speakers.

Want to chat about customizing your own top-notch outdoor entertainment system? Get in touch!

Carmel Valley outdoor entertainment installation for your home automation experience

Recommended Service: Smart Home Networking

High-speed technology is the lifeblood of smart homes everywhere. For your smart home to function efficiently, your network needs to be able to keep up with the demands of that state-of-the-art tech.

Otherwise, your smart home automation solutions could end up being a hassle to use, which is the exact opposite of your goal to simplify your home life.

To prevent such a frustrating experience, we recommend our Carmel Valley smart home networking services. Not only will we optimize your network to perform at its best consistently, but we’ll also ensure that you have more than enough data storage for all of your favorite media.

Interested in Our Carmel Valley Home Automation Services?

Here at Rhew Contracting, we go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. You can opt for all of the above solutions, just a few, or just one. And within each category, you can personalize your home automation system further based on what’s most important to and convenient for you. See how we can implement the best of Control4 home automation with Lutron lighting control and motorized window treatments.

If you’re interested in home automation for your Carmel Valley home, we’re ready to help you!