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The Best Choice For Smart Home Automation in Del Mar

Do you own a home in the beautiful beach city of Del Mar? If so, and you’ve considered upgrading to a smart home, you’ll be interested in our home automation solutions.

Many of your neighbors are already enjoying the perks of the state-of-the-art, customizable home automation systems we provide. They’ll gladly tell you that we’re the best around when it comes to smart home automation in Del Mar! Here’s why and here’s what we offer.

Top-of-the-Line Smart Home Security Systems

There are few things more important to you than protecting yourself, your family, and your possessions. That said, one of the best ways to secure your home is with a smart home security system.

The ones we install are the best the industry has to offer and give you the ultimate control and peace of mind. For example, our smart home security cameras can be accessed from anywhere on a phone or tablet. Not only will you always be able to see what’s going on but, if something’s amiss, you’ll be able to alert authorities quickly.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Our smart home security systems include an intercom feature, enable you to permit access to your home remotely, and even to arm or disarm your security system from afar.

Del Mar home security options for your entire home

The Best Smart Home Networking Services in Del Mar

High-speed technology and home automation systems demand fast and reliable home networks. Through our networking services, we ensure that yours can function efficiently at all times so that you can enjoy the full benefits of your smart home features.

We also make sure that you have more than enough data storage. That way, there are no inconveniences when it comes to accessing your favorite media!

Networking and data installation for your entire home

Lighting Control System Installation in Del Mar

Lighting control systems have many benefits including convenience, safety, and class. Consider just a few examples of what our lighting control systems are capable of.

You can automatically turn off all or several lights in your home, eliminating the need to flip switches one by one. You can light your way to the restroom or kitchen at night, reducing the risk of falls and stubbed toes. You can even set the mood on a special occasion by dimming the lights. In other words, when you choose a lighting control system, you choose flexibility! Our high quality lighting controls are powered with Lutron lighting control.

Home lighting installation option for design for Del Mar homes

Available Window Treatments For Your Del Mar Home

Window treatments and window shades have numerous benefits. These include increased privacy and control over the natural light entering your home. They can even protect your furniture and artwork from being damaged by constant exposure to UV rays over time. And that’s beside the obvious benefits of saving energy and transforming blinding glares into soft, pleasant lighting.

We don’t just offer your usual shades, though. The range of top-notch Lutron window treatments we offer includes several motorized options that can be programmed according to your preferences. For example, you can raise and lower your shades at certain times each day for the ultimate convenience! Feel free to ask about our selection of roller shades, Roman shades, and more. We’ll be glad to help you select the style that’s right for your home.

Motorized window shades or window treatment options

We Install Backyard Entertainment Systems in Del Mar

Last but not least, we provide customizable outdoor entertainment options for Del Mar homeowners like you. This includes a range of all-weather speakers such as subwoofers, surface-mount speakers, and even camouflage rock speakers.

And then there’s also our selection of durable all-weather TV’s to round out your outdoor entertainment experiences. With our backyard entertainment systems, you can enjoy all of your favorite movies, music, and shows in the great outdoors. You’re no longer restricted to the inside of your home, which means that your R & R days and family gatherings will be that much more enjoyable!

Del Mar outdoor entertainemnt installation options for design

Choose Us For Home Automation in Del Mar

Whether you want to automate as much as possible or just a few things, we can help. There’s no better company to call when you need smart home automation services in Del Mar. After all, we’re specialists in the field and partner with the best brands in the industry including Control4, Lutron, and RTI.

Did any of the solutions we mentioned catch your eye? Smart home security or lighting control systems, for example? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you’re interested in. Let’s turn your home into a smart home!