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Rhew Contracting Has Been Providing High Quality Smart Home Automation And Electrical Services Since 2003.

Smart Home Automation in La Jolla

Smart home automation not only makes everyday life easier, but it can also add a touch of luxury to your home. Many of your neighbors know this well as they’ve contracted us to provide a variety of state-of-the-art home automation solutions.

Specialists in smart home automation in La Jolla, we offer the highest-quality home automation systems available in the industry. Not only that but they’re also extremely flexible, allowing you to automate as little or as much as you want. Check out the 5 impressive services you have to choose from!

We Install Smart Home Security Systems

Protecting yourself, your family, and your possessions is undoubtedly a top priority or you. Smart home security systems can go a long way in keeping your home and the things in it safe. Not to mention giving you peace of mind.

We specialize in installing such systems, which allow you to monitor and control your home from your phone or tablet no matter where you are. For example, with our smart home security cameras, you can easily see activity taking place around your home in real-time.

Beyond that, you can arm or disarm your security system, quickly alert authorities of emergencies, communicate with visitors via an integrated intercom system, and more.

Home automation in La Jolla that included a complete home security system installation

Smart Home Networking Services in La Jolla

Smart homes require powerful networks to function at their best. Our networking services are designed to ensure that your home network can handle the demands of the high-speed tech in your home long-term. But there’s more.

We also ensure that your network is secure and provides ample data storage. Lastly, for simplicity, we offer one centralized hub through which you can access and control your home automation systems and media.

The Best Lighting Control Systems in La Jolla

Lighting control systems have more benefits than one. They cut down on unnecessary energy consumption and eliminate the need to walk from room to room flipping light switches on and off. With the single touch of a button, you can turn off all lights before bed or before leaving the house. Or program lights to lead the way to the bathroom or the kitchen at night, preventing stubbed toes and stumbles.

Besides this, flexible lighting controls make it possible to set the mood in a room. Want to dim the lights for a special occasion or for movie night? You can!

Home automation solutions in La Jolla with complete lighting control for the entire home

Your Options For Window Treatments

In addition to lighting control systems, we also offer window treatments to give you greater control over the natural light flooding into your La Jolla home. Rather than blinding glares, you can enjoy soft lighting, even programming motorized drapery and shading to let light in or block it out at certain times of day.

In addition to the convenience of our window treatments, they’ll afford you more privacy while not detracting from the decor in your home. Plus, they provide UV protection, keeping your furniture and artwork from becoming damaged and faded over time.

And did we mention that they save energy as well? So be sure to ask about our automated Lutron window treatments which include Roman shades, roller shades, and more!

La Jolla home automation solution that included motorized shades or window treatments

Upgrade Your Outdoor Entertainment Experiences

La Jolla homeowners love our backyard entertainment systems. Why? We provide the best equipment from industry leaders such as Sonos and Bose. This includes all-weather audio equipment such as surface-mount speakers, subwoofers, and even camouflage rock speakers.

We also offer a range of all-weather TV’s and outdoor theater options so that your TV binging and movie-watching are no longer limited to the inside of your home.

Home automation in La Jolla that involved a complete outdoor entertainment experience

Rhew Contracting For Home Automation in La Jolla

We’re proud to be a premier provider of smart home automation in La Jolla and would love to get you the custom automation solutions you need. Whether you need a smart home security system, a window treatment, outdoor entertainment upgrades, or a top-notch lighting control system, we’ve got what you need. Rhew Contracting specializes in Control4 home automation systems, Lutron Lighting control and shading systems, Savant, And Crestron automation solutions.

Contact us today to turn your home into a smart home!