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Rhew Contracting Has Been Providing High Quality Smart Home Automation And Electrical Services Since 2003.

Smart Home Automation in Rancho Santa Fe

Here at Rhew Contracting, we specialize in simplicity and luxury. In other words, smart home automation! We’re known for offering and installing only the finest, most flexible state-of-the-art home automation solutions. It’s no wonder we’re the first ones your neighbors call when they’re interested in smart home automation in Rancho Santa Fe.

If you want your home to be one of the coolest in the community, you’ll call us too! Consider 5 impressive home automation solutions we can offer you.

Superior Smart Home Security Systems

Would you like to be able to see what’s going on in and around your home at all times no matter where you are? Then, you’ll love our smart home security cameras.

Would you like to be able to see and converse with visitors to your home without having to go to the door? Our integrated intercom system will be perfect for you.

And what about being able to let friends, family, or the cable guy into your home with the touch of a button? You can do this without even being home!

Our smart home security systems are the smartest around and give you the ultimate protection, control, and peace of mind.

Rancho santa Fe home automation that included a complete home security installation package

Rancho Santa Fe Smart Home Networking Services

A smart home calls for a powerful network. Without one, it will struggle to keep up with the demands of your high-speed technology. And that would defeat the purpose of investing in smart home automation in the first place.

So we provide networking services to make sure your network is fast, secure, and provides plenty of data storage. Plus, we offer one centralized hub through which you can access and control your home automation systems and media.

The Conveniences of Lighting Control Systems

Why might you want a lighting control system installed in your Rancho Santa Fe home? There are many reasons.

One, you can cut down on your energy consumption perhaps as a result of forgetting to turn lights off when you leave home. You can also turn off several lights simultaneously without having to walk from room to room flipping switches. Additionally, with just the touch of a button, you can light the way to the bathroom, the kitchen, or your child’s room in the middle of the night.

In other words, a lighting control system will afford you safety, savings, and convenience! Not to mention that you can also set the mood in a room by dimming or raising lights as you please.

Rancho Santa Fe home automation with complete lighting control for the entire home

We Offer Window Treatments in Rancho Santa Fe

Our lighting control options aren’t limited to artificial light. We make it possible to control natural light as well with a variety of window shades. They can turn blinding glares into soft lighting, save energy, and protect your furniture and artwork from sun damage. They can also give you more privacy, while still complementing the decor in your home.

Even better, with our Lutron window treatments, you have the option to program the drapes or shades you choose to open and close at specific times of the day. For example, many of our clients love to ease into their days with natural lighting in the morning. Many also program their shades to close automatically at sundown. The point?

When you have top-of-the-line motorized window shades, whatever you prefer is what you can do!

Home automation in Rancho Santa Fe that included a motorized window treatment installation package

Outdoor Entertainment Systems For Rancho Santa Fe Homes

Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your favorite entertainment outside the same way you do inside? With our selection of all-weather audio equipment and all-weather TV’s, you can! And you can do it without compromising on sound and image quality since we partner with only the best audiovisual equipment brands.

From underwater pool speakers to camouflage rock speakers to subwoofers and beyond, we have quite a selection. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you create a custom outdoor entertainment system.

Home automation in Rancho Santa Fe that provided a complete outdoor entertainment installation package

Hire Us For Smart Home Automation in Rancho Santa Fe

As our many thrilled clients will tell you, there is no better alternative for smart home automation in Rancho Santa Fe. Rhew Contracting is as good as it gets. So whether you want to go all out with automation or just implement a few solutions to make life simpler, we can help you. Let’s chat about your vision for your smart home today!

Let us help you with our Control4 home automation solutions, Lutron lighting control and motorized shading systems, Savant, and Crestron automation.