Home Theater Installation Rancho Santa Fe

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Professional Home Theater Installation in Rancho Santa Fe

Rhew Contracting specializes in creating the kind of high-end home theater spaces you’d expect to find in an affluent community such as Rancho Santa Fe.

If you’re planning to add a dedicated theater room to your home (or to turn your ordinary TV room into a theater space), one thing is for sure. You can’t do without expert help. With so much audio and video equipment to choose from and so many factors to consider when it comes to home theater installation, it can be hard to get good results by going the DIY route.

With us on your side, though, you can create a truly spectacular home media room!

The Key to Successful Home Entertainment Setup

What’s one of the most common reasons home theater systems fail to live up to the hype? They’re set up without consideration for the many factors that impact viewing experience, sound quality, and the overall mood of a home theater space.

To keep our customers from suffering such disappointment, we cover all the bases. Among other things, we take into account the shape and size of your media room, your walls and their color, and your choice of flooring.

We even consider how the presence of windows in your theater room could impact your home entertainment experience. To prevent distracting glares and block out as much light as possible, we often recommend and install Lutron’s motorized window treatments.

Rancho Santa Fe home theater installation and design options

Who’s at the Helm of Your Home Theater Design?

Never big fans of the cookie-cutter approach, we’re known for custom home theater design in Rancho Santa Fe. In other words, you get to personalize every aspect of your home entertainment system. Want a 3D Blu-ray player? Love internet streaming? Prefer projectors over TV’s? We can accommodate a wide range of preferences.

Choose Your Screen

Do you intend to use your home media room for TV, sports, movies, gaming, or a mix of several? Your plans may impact which type of screen would be best in your case.

We’ll be happy to walk you through the pros and cons of each option available to you. Once we’ve zeroed in on the right equipment, of course, we’ll handle installation too. It doesn’t matter whether you need TV installation, TV mounting, or projector setup. We can help!

Choose Your Home Theater Speakers

Sound quality can make or break a home movie theater, wouldn’t you agree? To ensure that yours is the best it can be, we offer a selection of the highest-quality and most durable home theater speakers the industry has to offer. Our team installs only the best home audio video equipment in San Diego county.

From subwoofers to soundbars to freestanding and wall-mounted speakers, we have you covered. We can even recommend the perfect combination of speakers and the best speaker placement for that surround sound feel everyone wants out of a home movie theater.

Opt For a Convenient Lighting Control System

In addition to top-of-the-line flat-screen TV’s, projector screens, and speakers, we also offer lighting control systems.

Created by a leader in the smart home automation industry—Control4—these systems make it easy to set the mood based on the entertainment you’re enjoying. Not to mention that because they’re so intuitive and can be programmed to respond to your home theater automatically, it’ll rarely take more than the touch of a button to adjust your lighting perfectly.

Rancho Santa Fe home theater design with lighting control options

Control4 Home Theater Solutions For Your Rancho Santa Fe Home

When it comes to home automation, Control4’s solutions are among the best available. Besides the smart lighting control system we just talked about, its automation solutions even have the power to automatically pause your TV’s, games, or movies when distractions such as a ringing doorbell arise.

Even better, you can control all of your home media with a single, powerful universal remote control programmed just for you!

Rhew Contracting For Home Theater Installation in Rancho Santa Fe

We pride ourselves on installing the best home theater system in Rancho Santa Fe. We‘d love to install yours too!

We invite you to contact us to discuss your vision for your home theater system and to explore the many options we have available. Remember: We specialize in custom home theater design so the options for what we can create together are endless. Get in touch and take the first step toward an impressive home theater today!