Smart Home In Coronado With Lutron lighting controls

For this specific project, we included Lutron HomeWorks lighting control for this Coronado smart home project. With the Lutron HomeWorks lighting controls, it will compliment your homes beauty with sophisticated yet simple controls that provide one touch keypads that come in a variety of finishes and can also be customized to your smart homes aesthetic finishes.

With the Lutron lighting installed at this home, our client has total control over the homes lighting. From wall mounted touch screens and mobile devices anywhere at any time. Below we will explain some of the specific types of smart home lighting that we utilized for this project.

Types Of Home Lighting For this Coronado property

Puck Lighting

Puck lighting are small lights that are typically round or oval in shape. This type of LED lighting is very easy and convenient to install in tight spaces. These LED lights were used in this smart home application to add a decorative touch to some of our clients artwork. 

Toe Kick LED Lighting

With the installation of toe kick lighting we were able to add to the overall lighting plan for this smart home. Toe kick lighting for part of this project was used to highlight the home video area that continued across to the section where some of the clients artwork is highlighted.

The toe kick lighting was also used for all of the cabinet areas throughout the kitchen and island. This smart home lighting provides a dramatic accent as a cost effective option to add to the overall look to your home.

Soffit Lighting

LED soffit lighting has many benefits and made a huge difference with this Coronado smart home project that used Lutron lighting automation. These types of LED lights can create the appearance of space. Soffit lighting also gives off a subtle look that will make any room look larger. We install soffit lighting in the majority of our smart home projects in San Diego. 

RGB Color Changing Lights

By using RGB color changing LED lighting, you can effortlessly change the existing color and feeling of the room. This type of LED lighting can be used for multiple applications. We use color changing LED’s for pantries, above cabinet, under cabinet, cupboards, cove lighting, bookshelf lighting and more. Instantly have the ability to change the mood and appearance of any room in your smart home at your fingertips.

Can Lighting

For this home lighting project at this Coronado smart home, we utilized can lighting or better known as recessed lighting. These lights are often used to provide a low profile, direct lighting source. Recessed lighting is best used when looking to have down lighting and adjustable lighting that is flush to the ceiling. With all of the variations recessed lighting trims or covers, these lighting fixtures are a perfect choice for your smart home renovation or new construction projects.

Home Speakers/Home Audio Coronado

For part of the home audio portion of this smart home in Coronado, we used a variety of speakers that included flush mounted speakers that were installed in the ceiling. We utilized our years of home audio designs to maximize the best output of sound for any occasion. When working with home audio installation, it is very important to understand a few key factors. 

With the proper installation of home sound systems, you will benefit from years of excellent, and aesthetically pleasing sounds for any situation. We took many aspects of this Coronado home remodel clients expectations into consideration when designing the best home audio system for their new smart home renovation. By doing this, we can ensure that the best sound will be provided regardless of what is being watched or listened to at any given time. We firmly believe that your home audio system is a main factor in the overall scheme of a smart home design.

Home video In Coronado

When working with the home video for this Coronado smart home, the client had a desire to have flat screen televisions installed in most of the rooms of the house. This included large flat screens along with other various smaller flat screens that went with the overall size and layout of each room. A few of the flat screen televisions installed were for use with the surveillance system. As with all of the various aspects of this smart home project, the home video stands out and provides a great entertaining experience.

Wrapping Up This Smart Home And Lutron Home Automation Project In Coronado

As with all smart home and home automation projects, Rhew Contracting takes pride in perfecting their work. From the initial consultation to the design, and from construction to the finish work. Rhew Contracting pays attention to detail and this is why we are known for our workmanship and overall customer service all the way through each and every project.

If you are looking to build a new home or remodel an existing home, we can provide you with a great experience and a project that gets completed on time. From Lutron home automation, LED lighting, smart home features, audio/video design and installation, we can help. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we will contact you to schedule a consultation.