La Jolla Solar System Installed With Q Cells Solar Panels

This La Jolla 30 KW solar panel system was roof-mounted with Q cells solar panels. The system also included solarEdge inverters that will save electricity, and save you money. With solar you can reduce your electricity bill and or zero out your electricity bill completely. We use Q Cells solar panels and SolarEdge inverters because we know what works and we want to ensure that our clients are getting the very best. 

Why Q Cells panels for this home

With Q Cells technology, you get a product that supercharges ordinary solar panels. There solar panels are produced to generate more power during any time of the day. When the sun is out. Regardless of early morning, mid-day, or on a cloudy day you will enjoy maximum energy production.

Quality Of The Solar Panels

The manufacturer goes above and beyond in the quality control of their solar panels. They use a four tiered system to test and validate the quality of the panels using their own VDE-certified testing laboratory. One is initial registration tests. This tells them that their solar panels are safe complying with international standards. Two is Q Cells yield security. This one states that their solar panels are guaranteed to resist degradation to light induced degradation, potential induced degradation, and against hot spots. Three is a VDE quality tested program. Here they are verifying that their solar panels will provide consistent quality and strong product security. And the fourth is internal quality program. Called Q.Tested, they test at a level that is 2-3 times stricter than industry standard.

SolarEdge Inverters For This La Jolla Solar Panels Installation

SolarEdge have been winners of the Intersolar award along with the renowned Edison award. Their inverters are specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers. With a built in DC safety switch, integrated rapid shutdown and has a great 12 year warranty that is able to be extended to 20 or 25 years.

Solar Panels Installed In La Jolla And How We Can Help

We offer solar panel installation for La Jolla clients as a stand alone option though, we are often adding this to our other smart home and home automation services. We offer solar panel installation due to most of our clients performing a new construction or smart home remodel are looking for one contractor to perform multiple projects. This reduces the burden of having more contractors on a job than necessary.

They also know that we specialize in the work that we perform and they trust that we will provide them with the very best in service and quality workmanship. 

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule your La Jolla Solar panel installation consultation.