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RadioRA 2 and Lutron Automation in San Diego by Rhew Contracting

Lutron RadioRA® 2 for your San Diego Home

The RadioRA 2 wireless total home control system includes light controls and automated shades. The energy-efficient home automation system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of light and temperature in every room throughout your house. RadioRA 2 even turns off your small appliances when they aren’t be used.

Convenience at the Touch of a Button

Lutron’s total home control system makes your life easier. With a simple touch of a button, you can adjust lights, shades, appliances, and temperature in any room throughout your house. RadioRA 2 keypads, dimmers, seeTemp™ wall controls, and accessories come in numerous different colors so you can easily select the color or fabric that aligns with your San Diego home’s look and feel.

Lighting for Every Setting

Rhew Contracting utilizes Lutron’s home automation systems to make lighting flexible and fun! You can highlight unique areas in your home by lowering the shades, or open them up to create a great reading environment.

Temperature Control at Your Fingertip

Asking Rhew Contracting to add temperature control to RadioRA 2 can help you save even more energy! You can choose the NEW TouchPRO Wireless™ thermostat or the HVAC controller that comes with a wireless temperature sensor. Both of these options are compatible with the seeTemp™ wall control. You can even control both thermostats from your mobile device!

Shading for Every Room

Sivoia QS Triathlon roller shades combine affordable automation with modern design. These extremely quiet, wire-free shades are easy to install and even have a 3-5 year battery life. These shades are easily integrated into your Lutron systems, so you can gain even more control over your home.

Save Energy with Whole Home Automation

RadioRA 2 gives you the ability to control light, shade, appliances, and temperature. Best of all, you will be able to lower your utility bills lessen your environmental impact. If you notice that lights in certain rooms in your home, such as the bathroom or laundry room, are frequently left on even when they are not in use, occupancy/vacancy sensors are a great way to mitigate the problem.

Total Home Control and Integration

There are a wide variety of wireless components that you can include in your San Diego Lutron home automation system. From a single room to your entire home, Rhew Contracting can install anything from Sivoia® QS Wireless shades and drapes and GRAFIK Eye® QS to occupancy/vacancy sensors. Best of all, Clear Connect™ RF technology ensures that they all work together seamlessly.

RadioRA 2 gives you full control via universal remotes, mobile devices, and home automation systems as well. Any device that is able to send or receive RS232 or IP commands can control the lighting and shades throughout your home. RadioRA 2 also includes two-way functionality, which allows you to see light levels and database system information.

Security and Safety Inside & Out

Lutron has thought of it all so have Rhew Contracting help you take advantage of it! The smart home automation system allows you to turn on lights, raise shades, and adjust your home’s temperature even when you aren’t there. You can use your security keypad to take advantage of energy savings and peace of mind. To avoid walking in complete darkness, you can easily turn your lights on while you are inside of your car.

By placing the system on ‘away’, you can pre-select to automatically adjust the temperature, lighting, and shades once the home goes dark. This is a great way to make your home appear occupied. In the event that there is an intruder, all of your home’s interior lights will immediately turn on, the shades will raise, and your exterior lights will start flashing. Lutron also offers San Diego residence Direct Security Integration for Alarm.com, DSC, Elk, HAI, and Honeywell.

Lutron home automation systems make it possible for you to enjoy your home like never before! With the simple touch of a button you can lower the shades in your home to create a private, intimate setting, or open them up to enjoy the warm, cascading glow of the midday sun.

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