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Shading solutions have significantly evolved over the past few years, and the Lutron Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless family of window coverings and shading options have fully encompassed the full realm of sophisticated beauty and convenient automated technology. Whether in need of a single room shading solution or a complete building overhaul, San Diego residents and business owners have many new choices in window treatments and shading solutions. At Rhew Contracting we offer the latest shading technologies in home integration and system controls make it easier than ever to systematically and conveniently control the amount of sunlight coming into a room or building.

Ideal Shading and Light Control Solutions for San Diego

Whether choosing room shading to control sunlight or to reduce energy costs, we offer the appropriate shading product for every need. Rhew Contracting works with San Diego customers to create custom sunlight control packages for their home or office. In order to be fully effective and efficient, the Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless shading solutions can be integrated with new or existing home control systems that automatically adjust shades to minimize exposure to high temperatures and harsh sunlight. Quiet window treatment controls are generally compatible with automated systems such as Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye QS and Quantum.

Energy reduction through shading automation.

Our automated shading systems help reduce excess energy waste by keeping rooms cool throughout the day. They also help new buildings earn LEED credits for energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless motorized shading systems help reduce the cost of energy, but they also reduce uncomfortable glare from harsh sunlight. The increased comfort of automated technology means that rooms can be used as desired throughout the day without being impacted by unwanted sunlight or heat. At the touch of a button, shades can be adjusted or closed.

Integrate style and functionality with Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless.

Functional window treatment automation helps homeowners and property managers throughout San Diego easily maintain the necessary lighting of their space. The Lutron Sivoia QS family of shading solutions takes the convenience and functionality one step further by also incorporating beautifully decorative options to choose from. When daylight management options become available in fabrics and styles that not only complement, but actually enhance decor, owners truly have the best of both worlds. Essentially, every room in a home or business can benefit from the unique options available from Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS wireless.

Foyers, atriums, and bathrooms are often created with natural light options in mind, but there are times when too much light becomes a distraction. Nurseries and bedrooms are usually places of quiet solitude and need the option of instant darkening when necessary. Family rooms, media centers, and conference rooms also benefit from instant controls that adjust natural lighting to the area. With Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless customizable enhancements, preset programming options make it very convenient to adjust shades with the touch of a button.

Control motorized shading with your automated lighting

Single room and multiple room shading options are easily customizable and can be seamless integrated with new or existing controls systems such as Lutron lighting systems. Sivoia QS Wireless repeaters can be used with many components and various manufacturers. The main repeater can be used with RS232 and ethernet capabilities to extend wireless remote control beyond the 30 ft radius. Simple integration is even more versatile with the Lutron Pico wireless control system that can be used with a handheld remote or hardwired control system that can be mounted anywhere in the room. Eliminating the dual wiring harnesses in keypads and automated shades makes the shading system more reliable and easier to use.

Window treatment control for out of reach windows.

Many San Diego homes and office spaces include difficult to reach windows on the second floor or precariously placed behind immovable tabletops. Remote control shading options and automated time clock controls make it a cinch to systematically organize these areas and control lighting filtration throughout the day. Various levels of opacities also allow users to enjoy the panoramic views without enduring the harsh ultraviolet rays. Sivoia QS Wireless helps users overcome complex installations and reduce the cost of integration and routine maintenance. These customized solutions easily control hard to reach areas and instantly produce a private oasis.

Enjoy Light Control With Motorized Shading Systems

Rhew Contracting can help San Diego customers review the Lutron Sivoia QS line of automated window treatments to choose from motorized roller shades, horizontal sheer blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades, traditional drapery tracks, and more. Roman shades with CERUS technology ensure the safety of little ones in the home. If you are ready to transform your home or office into a functional and comfortable style icon, contact us today for a free consultation.

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