Sivoia QS window treatments, shades and blindes for all of San Diego, CA
Throughout the San Diego area, residents and businesses are utilizing the energy saving options available in construction and interior design. Rhew Contracting specializes in the installation of Sivoia shading solutions to assist customers with reducing energy costs and enhancing the beauty and functionality of a space. There are many styles, colors, fabrics, and textures available to suit any room or building. Aside from the quiet comfort and energy saving benefits, Lutron shading systems have other important features. They are easy to operate and maintain, and they contribute to LEED building points, which results in long term cost savings. Some of the most popular Sivoia shading and light control solutions are outlined here.

Motorized Window Treatment Options For San Diego

Sivoia QS offers partial or total light control.

Sivoia QS is an ideal solution for homes and buildings that require partial or total light control. State of the art technology in this model fully integrates with mainstream lighting control options, such as GRAFIK Eye QS and Quantum. With Sivoia QS, San Diego residents and business owners can easily control virtually any model within the Lutron line of automated window treatments. The quiet technology makes intuitive remote control light management easy and unobtrusive. Controlling sunlight into unused space is an effective tool for energy management and cost savings.

Sivoia QS Wireless integrates multiple shades.

Sivoia QS Wireless is one of the most effective ways to precisely control multiple shades in one room. This technology also allows for easy manipulation of multiple rooms, even an entire household or building. Sivoia QS Wireless virtually integrates all shading solutions into one unit that can be controlled with the touch of a button. This option is an excellent choice for homes, businesses, and conference centers. Since there is no need for advanced wiring on different systems, it is also ideal for renovations and retrofits where communication between multiple systems can be unreliable.

Sivoia QS Triathlon battery operated window treatments.

Sivoia QS Triathlon is the premier option in affordable motorized shading system technology. This flexible workhorse is fashionable but does not sacrifice functionality for style. Sivoia QS Triathlon is a wireless design that is fully battery operated. The easy to install battery requires little maintenance and has an average lifespan of about three to five years. Triathlon shades are the only battery operated models that can function as a standalone unit or be integrated with other shading solution technologies in nearby areas. Sivoia QS Triathlon operates well with wireless controls, keypads, and GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless. Likewise, they can be integrated with various home control systems such as RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS.

Sivoia QED near silent electric shading.

The Lutron Sivoia Quiet Electronic Drive (QED) offers additional convenience for San Diego customers who want perfect alignment and easy to operate shading solutions. The variable speed motor makes finding the desired placement both precise and silent. During a business meeting or dramatic movie, shades can be adjusted without creating a disturbance. Sivoia QED technology is capable of operating virtually the entire line of Lutron automated window treatments. Each unit is fully customized, available in multiple fabrics and manufactured per unique specifications. The intelligent QED can be preset or programmed to operate on quite, low voltage drives controlled by keypad, remote, or electronic drive unit. Sivoia QED comes with an unparalleled ten year power failure memory feature to confirm that precise shade positions are accurately recorded.

San Diego’s Premier Sivoia Technology Experts

With so many different motorized shading options to chose from, customers can become overwhelmed trying to make their privacy shading selections. The advanced shading technology makes any home or building more functional, more comfortable, and certainly more energy efficient. Because each unique shading system and automated control option has a different set of benefits, new users should consult with our automated window treatment experts before making their final selections.

Rhew Contracting professionals have been fully trained in each specific product and can assist San Diego residents and business owners from start to finish. From explaining the relevant functions of each product, to offering design choices with expert installation, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation or learn more about the Sivoia technology features and the entire Lutron family of window coverings.

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