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San Diego Lighting Control Benefits

Lighting controls offer a whole new level of home luxury and energy efficiency. Here we are in the 21st century, and there is so much more than can be done with lighting than flipping switches on the walls and lamps in each room. With the touch of a button, lighting control will switch the lighting in your home to specific settings. Your smart home lighting system can be set for watching TV, eating meals, entertaining, and any other settings that fit your lifestyle.

There’s no more need to walk throughout your home turning off lights before turning in at night. Instead, touch a button set to bedtime and all the lights go out as programmed. You can even create a setting that lights your path when you get up for a midnight snack. By adding sensors and timers as well as settings, lighting controls equip you to stop wasting money on unneeded lighting. Another feature of lighting control adds to home security. If your alarm goes off, all of your lights can come on, to help deter crime. Rhew Contracting offers lighting control expertise in the installation of the best advanced lighting control systems currently available.

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What is Lighting Control?

Lighting control contributes to quality of life because lighting quality at home is packed with benefits. Visual comfort, mood, atmosphere, health, safety, and well-being are all enhanced by good lighting. Controlling the light in your home enhances your experience but also saves energy because light is used when and where it is most needed.

Light Dimming and Daylight Harvesting

The average home uses the same amount of energy on lighting whether it’s daytime or night. Dimmers used with smart home lighting controls help cut energy costs because the amount of light used is set for specific tasks. Lutron lighting systems go a step further and offer advanced solutions that coordinate shades with dimmers.

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The amount of natural light coming through windows together with home lighting can create balance that enhances the home environment and cuts energy costs. Electric lights are complemented by the perfect filtering of daylight with the use of proper shade fabrics.

Complete Light Control For San Diego

Beyond using dimmers and shading, Lutron lighting can include light management systems that adjust shades and overhead lights automatically so that the perfect light setting is maintained throughout each day. Occupancy sensors can be used to ensure that when a room is not in use, the lights are not left on. A Lutron lighting system can ensure that your house is never dark when you arrive home at night. When you go on vacation, lights inside and outside can be programmed to make it appear someone is there at all times.

If you would like lighting controls to allow for complete tailoring of the lighting scheme in any room, RadioRA 2 is a sophisticated system that can accommodate stored personalized settings for multiple lights. HomeWorks is an advanced security system that switches all lights on if an intruder enters a home. The trespasser is simultaneously warned that law enforcement officials, upon their arrival, will be advised of the exact whereabouts of intruders.

Lighting Design

Your home can be filled with warmth and radiance with the addition of an expertly designed lighting plan. Each space can be articulated and defined using combinations of skillfully selected decorative fixtures such as chandeliers, art lights, lamps, and wall sconces. LED lighting, lighting design, and lighting controls together can provide numerous benefits, including potentially reducing lighting energy consumption by as much as 90% while creating optimal home settings.

If you’re ready to bring your lighting system into the 21st century, contact the professionals at Rhew Contracting. We will work closely with you to ensure that the lighting controls added to your home are perfect complements to your home and lifestyle. Enjoy your San Diego smart home automation and lighting controls all at the touch of a button from anywhere.

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