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San Diego solar Panels

Add solar panels to power your home and you can experience a smart home that does the most to lower home energy costs. At Rhew Contracting, we are San Diego’s best electrical contractors for solar panel installation and smart homes. As part of the integration of smart home devices, solar systems can be optimized so that they operate according to the programming you set up. For optimal results, programming should be based on both personal preferences and external factors such as power outages, solar production, weather, and the electricity rates set according to the season and time of day or night. The goals are to keep your home secure and healthy, reduce energy costs, and maximize comfort.

Smart thermostats have already been recognized for the way they help to significantly cut energy costs via programming that puts HVAC systems into use only when needed. When you add a solar panel system to the equation, optimization of operations will be based on time-of-use electric rates and solar production. During peak electricity hours, the solar system exports electricity to the grid, which reduces electricity rates. At the same time, you can enjoy a cool home in summer and a warm home in winter when you get home in the evening. This type of programming for electric vehicle charges, water heaters, and furnaces will also add to your savings.

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Solar Panels & Electric Efficiency

Using battery technologies, your solar panels energy system will store power when electricity costs are low. The solar battery will then discharge power during times when electricity costs are at their highest. With this strategy, your home is enabled to use the solar system’s energy in an efficient way while keeping power stored up in the event of an electrical power outage.

Solar PV (Panel) Systems

San Diego is an excellent region for installing solar panels because it’s one of the sunniest in the United States. At Rhew Contracting, we sell reliable, high-performance solar panels with great warranties. In fact, when going through the process of deciding which solar panels to have installed at your home or business, the warranty is one of four things to consider as follows:

The Manufacturer of the Solar Panels

The key factor when considering which manufacturer to buy solar panels from is the longevity of the manufacturer’s business. An area of uncertainty in the solar industry has been a direct result of useless 20 to 30-year manufacturing warranties because the manufacturers went out of business. Choose a solar manufacturer with strong financial standing and signs of permanence.

Solar Panel Warranties

Reputable manufacturers produce solar panels that can be expected to last at least two decades. Be sure that the panels you purchase come with a warranty of at least 20 years. Some manufacturers offer up to 30-year solar panel warranties.

The Company Handling Installation

The importance of a correct installation of a solar system cannot be overstated because the effectiveness of the panels is determined by the installation. Not only do incorrectly installed solar panels result in less efficiency but they can also be a fire hazard. You can rely on our experts at Rhew Contracting. We have the training, experience, and expertise to properly install solar arrays of every type and size.

The Aesthetics

Though solar panels are great for the environment, many homeowners have understandably been hesitant to alter the appearance of their homes by adding solar panels on their roofs. Keep in mind that choosing solar panels should never be based on how the panels look but, instead, on solar panel effectiveness and efficiency. That said, solar panels come in blues and blacks and with silver or black framing or no frame at all.

Residential Solar Installation

Whether your home is large or small, you can benefit from solar power. Rhew Contracting offers a free in-home solar evaluation. Most homes are eligible for a zero-down financing program. Other incentives are usually available from local, state, and/or federal government agencies. We now that it can be stressful choosing the right solar panels let alone the right solar panel installation company. That is why Rhew Contracting looks to take the stress out of making this large financial decision. We provide you with valuable information on how we can help by detailing the process and providing in-depth information on the manufacturers that we work with.

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Commercial Solar Installation

Affordable custom solar solutions are available for businesses of every size. Small businesses shouldn’t discount themselves because the following are a few of the many benefits that your company, your clients, and your community will realize if you schedule commercial solar installation:

Contact Rhew Contracting for solar panel installation in San Diego and a smart home that maximizes energy savings. We are professionals with the experience to deliver a correctly installed solar panel system and to integrate the system into your smart home network. Contact us today to get the savings started.

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